Monday, December 21, 2009

Hmmmm.... Ain't been on here for ahwile, just tryin' to make it in this big 'ole world. Don't get me wrong I'm way blessed but time are tough in my trucking business. Still hanging in there so that's good, we will see what the Good Lord has in store as long as I do the footwork, all will be well I guess. Music is goin' ok, put in a bid to open for Gov't Mule, so y'all keep me in your prayers, that would be an awesome opportunity!! Lot's of good bands competing with me and the boys so we will see. Just got some gigs for Jan and Feb so that's great! We will be playin at Mad Donnas in E. NashVegas Jan. the 15th and Feb. the 5th, both from 10-12 pm!!

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